Wed, 14 Sep 2022

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Media Statement: Paul Hall – Interim Head Coach – Jamaica National Team

With the news of the appointment of a Jamaican manager imminent – Interim Jamaica National Team Head Coach Paul Hall feels duty bound to give a statement.

The former Reggae Boyz World Cup 1998 player was appointed Interim Head Coach last year after previously working as Assistant Coach.

Hall, who is also a Coach with English EFL Championship side Queens Park Rangers (London) said:

“I have made this decision to speak out after a lot of deliberation and with a heavy heart, as it has been my dream role since playing for Jamaica at the 1998 World Cup.

“I was proud and honoured to be appointed Interim Head Coach.

“I had a clear long-term strategy and philosophy, including the development of youngsters and coaching staff, while recruiting new and exciting players to the squad.

“I am ambitious and set myself and those around me- on and off the pitch- the highest standards. That is the only way for any team to drive forward and achieve success, as a whole group.

“This means the team being professionally organised on the pitch and behind the scenes, fully resourced with everyone pulling in the one direction. Without this, it is very difficult to be successful and achieve your goals. A successful organisation must act with transparency, openness, objectivity, leadership, selflessness, integrity, accountability and honesty.

Hall tried to keep dialogue open throughout his term as coach having open and frank conversations with the technical committee, President Michael Ricketts, and his team and backroom staff.

Concerns came to a head prior to the Suriname game when Paul felt duty bound to make a stand.

“I felt I had to resign as so many of my requests such as the standard of the training pitch, additional kits for cold weather in Canada and in particular organisation of transport and were well below par. It is important to note that whilst I handed in my resignation, I was prepared to manage the team for those last 3 games.”

“After qualifying for the Gold Cup and with the situation within the administration strained. I felt my position had become untenable. I was still being expected to be part of conference calls, team talks and match day selections, but my role, contract and remuneration questions were being ignored.”

I have tried multiple times to make this work for the Federation, myself and my family. Since I was a young man playing for Jamaica, my dream was to manage them to great success. However, I am a man of integrity, standards, and principle. I don’t believe there are any current international managers who have played that number of games, created a long-term strategy plan, bought in new players without pay. Some remuneration was received on 8th September 2022, the first since last year. However, even this is still nowhere near the full amount.”

“I have not taken this decision to speak out lightly and I wish every success to the future manager, the players and of course the 12th man on the pitch, our dedicated fans of the Reggae Boyz. I am an honourable man who is passionate about football and the country. I felt it was important for my voice to be heard.”




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