Thu, 15 Sep 2022

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Professional Football Jamaica Limited has secured a $10 Million club sponsorship from JN Money Services Limited for the Jamaica Premier League season that seeks to get underway on October 23.

As part of that sponsorship arrangement, Owen Hill, JN Money Services territory manager, will be on secondment to the PFJL in the role of CEO of Professional Football Jamaica for two seasons.

As CEO, Hill will take on the day-to-day operations of all leagues and competitions and drive its commercial viability.

Chairman of the PFJL, Chris Williams, says this was a strategic move to strengthen the administrative arm of football,

“The last few years of my business life have taught me that success is a delicate blend of capital and competence. We do not just need cash to become successful at football in Jamaica. We need the well-honed corporate skill-set available at institutions such as Jamaica National.”

Chris continued, “JN has stepped up to back professional football, and also to provide us with professional competence, giving us the support, in the form of a CEO, to ensure that administration does not fail football.”

JN Money’s General Manager Horace Hines is pleased to support Jamaica’s football in this historic way,

“JN’s mantra is ‘we’ll help you find a way,’ and one of the things the league needed was competence to match the talent on the pitch. So we look forward to developing the playing talent through our club sponsorship and the administrative talent through Owen’s involvement. It’s a win-win for Jamaica and football.”

As part of his responsibilities, Hill will seek to develop a player sales model where clubs will benefit from the commercial sales of players within the league.

“In terms of an overall model, I will be working with CONCACAF to build a player sales model so there is a blueprint for how we will develop, market, and benefit from player sales.”

Hill added, “We’re also working on a corporate social responsibility initiative where brands will use players from the league to promote social campaigns. We understand that players are ambassadors for their clubs, communities, and Jamaica”.

Hill, former captain of the University of the West Indies football team and football commentator, believes his knowledge of the sport will be an advantage to the PFJL,

“This is an exciting opportunity. A wave is happening locally, and professional football has always been dear to JN’s heart.” He said

“I will provide a competence-driven approach to football as we seek to upskill the clubs. Several initiatives will take root, and corporate Jamaica will be happy with the new thrust fostered by our chairman and the other directors of PFJL.”

Professional Football Jamaica is finalizing plans for the upcoming season, which kicks off on October 23.



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